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Interested in living out your dream home fantasy? These 6 remodel websites will help get the creative juices flowing.

Perhaps you are in the beginning stages of a home remodel and you want to plan out the design of your ideal layout. Maybe you’re ready to execute the project however you’re underwhelmed with the options available at your local home superstore. Or, perhaps you’re bored and find it entertaining to rummage through architectural images and high end design concepts. No matter which group you fall under, these 6 home remodel websites promise to inspire creativity and offer new ideas.


Houzz has become very popular over the past couple of years and likes to refer to their website as “the new way to design your home.” Useful for getting inspiration for both large and small home renovation projects. The image content and visual display is definitely what makes the site a must-see.



Porch is a great place to look for local professionals. Once you’ve committed to a home remodel project, go to and browse through contractor profiles and view photos of their best work. Think of it like a Yelp, but only for renovation services.



Dwell is a website devoted to modern architecture and design. The website consisting of captivating photos and truly unique design concepts. If you’re interested in thinking outside the box, this is where you want to be.



Remodelista delivers a curated selection of stylish pieces and furnishings for your home. In addition to remodeling ideas, the website offers great content regarding accents for the home, such as lights, clocks, furniture, and more.

HGTV Remodel

HGTV remodel

Home and Garden Television (HGTV) is synonymous with home remodeling and renovation. The remodel portion of their website is great for figuring out what projects are doable vs. other projects that will require a bigger commitment. You’ll find articles ranging from small projects, like closet ideas, to larger projects, like selecting the foundation for a new addition to your home.

This Old House

This Old House

This Old House strives to celebrate the fusion of old world craftsmanship and modern technology. You can find a wide range of remodeling content plus advice from reliable experts. This is the website of the popular PBS television series This Old House, which we also recommend checking out.

6 Best Remodel Websites For Fantasizing About Your Dream Home
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