Cork flooring is a natural and renewable material. Cork has gained popularity because of its “green” qualities, resistance, and versatility.  Cork flooring material is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, which are native to Spain, Portugal and Tunisia. When cork is harvested only the bark is necessary to be removed. The tree itself stays in tack and more bark can be harvested every 8 – 14 without killing the tree. Here are some more benefits of cork flooring.

Cork flooring may be the most sustainable flooring material. Cork oak trees do not need to be cut down in order to be used for construction. Once the tree is 25 years old the bark can be harvested. The bark of the tree can be continually harvested with out consequentially killing the tree. Interestingly, cork flooring is actually a byproduct of the manufacturing of cork stoppers for wine bottles. The residuals from the stopper production are combined with binders and create a stable product once processed.

Cork is extremely durable and is resistant to cracking and scratches. The flooring material is also impermeable to gas and liquid, making it insusceptible to mold and mildew. Cork is elastic and indentations bounce back after furniture is moved from the area. If properly maintained, cork flooring can last for over 40 years.

Cork is a fire resistant material and will only melt or ignite at extremely high temperatures. Cork will also generate less smoke and will release far less toxic material.

Cork floors are known for the “give” they provide and have a comfortable cushion when walked on. Cork material helps keep an even temperature in your home and is an acoustic insulator. The rooms in your home will be naturally warm and quiet.

Visual Appeal
Cork flooring material comes in a variety of colors, tiles, and planks. With a large range of options you can achieve whatever flooring look you desire.
cork flooring



Metro Atl. Floors considers cork to be an excellent flooring option and has installed a large variety of cork floors in the Atlanta area. Give us a call, or comment below, if you have any questions regarding the material and its benefits.


Cork Flooring
A Greener Flooring Solution – Cork
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