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Metro and its customers have been amazed with the results we’ve been getting from the Palo Duro Collection. Our clients often desire to have the personal tastes reflected in their hardwood floors and The Palo Duro Collection is the perfect solution. The collection includes a vast product portfolio and the customer has the opportunity to customize every detail of their new wood floors. A truly unique floor for the homeowner’s unique tastes.

Palo Duro Hardwoods of Denver, Colorado, introduced the Palo Duro Collection back in 2002 to meet the demand for high quality customized flooring. The collection can best be described as hand scraped hardwood floors produced from rustic grades of lumber, handmade and customized in accordance with each individual customer’s preference.

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Product Details:

The Palo Duro Collection, kiln dried to 5-8% moisture content, followed by storage in a climate controlled environment, are consistently more stable, and are an easier flooring surface to install.

Customers have a variety of woods in which to choose from. The popular and classic looking options are available:

  • Cherry, Hickory
  • Walnut, Heart Pine
  • White Oak
  • Wormy Apple
  • Teak
  • Mahogany
  • Butternut
  • Kona

Available stains include:

  • Plaza Hickory
  • Raven’s Peak Hickory
  • Mesa Verde Walnut
  • Black Canyon Walnut
  • Desert Walnut
  • Spanish Peaks Walnut
  • Tabla Rosa Cherry
  • Brazilian Cherry
  • Alamo White Oak
  • Capistrano Heart Pine
  • Jatoba Madrid
  • Malibu Maple

And for the Do-it-yourselfers, the customer can receive their flooring unstained if they wish to stain it themselves with on-site custom staining.

All solid products are tongue and grooved, end matched and back relieved. An underlayment is provided, which helps exceed building codes for sound dampening.

The final two topcoats utilize an advanced water based finish, the most technologically advanced available on the market, and equals or exceeds factory finishes for scratch and chemical resistance.

Varied techniques are used in the process of custom-making wood with the right appearance. Such techniques used include Scrape, Distress, and French Bleed.

Scrape, used to provide a worn over time appearance, can be light, medium, or heavy. Distress, used to enhance imperfections in the face of the boards, can be light, medium, heavy, or none at all. And the floor can come with or without French Bleed, the darkening technique used to enhance the antique appearance.

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Your home is a reflection of you and your floors should display your own personal style as well. Installing hardwood floors is like adding a piece of art to your residence. Go with a time-tested and classic look by choosing the Palo Duro Collection over the mass-produced and factory finished options.

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