A new staircase is not hard to dream up and install though it can seem like an arduous process. If you wish to put in a spiral staircase there is a different process than a straight one, which actually takes some demolition of the existing stairs, measurements, and a carpenter who can take the specs and make it all work. The installation varies but shouldn’t take more than a long afternoon, few hours, or day.

Exact Measurements Spell Success
The trick, as with fencing, is to be sure that measurements are very precise and that cutting of boards and installation is exact, with no centimeters for errors. Also: it’s important to work to the exact size of the hole that the staircase leaves. Without it, there is nothing there, of course, so avoiding the leaving of any cracks along the sides means exactitude. This can all be addressed by a competent installer, but it is important that the homeowner is aware and looking for these details during the installation.

Pre-made vs. Custom Staircases
Usually, stairs are not pre-made as the width and depth of them varies according to the age and construction of the house, which they will serve. More often the installer will construct a unique staircase that fits the specific dimensions of the home. Good, solid wood is very important because a home owner wishes for the stairs to last as long as possible, without need for new ones. Stairs should not have to be replaced that often, if ever. A good sanding or painting should be all that is required over the years to restore or replenish them.

Lead Paint: Replacing Stairs
It is important to beware of whether or not your stairs have lead paint. Sometimes, due to lead paint, stairs need to be replaced since they are a high-traffic area that can throw up invisible lead dust, which, if ingested, can lead to lead toxicity in the blood. Children under a certain age are tested, automatically, at doctor’s visits for lead levels, and states have requirements of what is appropriate. A child’s lead levels have to be in accordance with state regulations for safety. Replacing stairs is essential if they have lead paint if you have a child under six living there. Covering them completely in carpet is another safe option, however complete replacement of the staircase would remove the issue and create a more appealing look. Your local flooring contractor can give you estimates on what this project would cost.

Stairs are not as hard as they look. Replacement is straightforward unless there is lead; do a lead test first to see in the event that the stairs are painted. Any carpenter can install them, so shop around, get some estimates, and get out the measuring tape. Always be sure to ask if your chosen installer is certified by the NWFA. Replacing your staircase will make a substantial aesthetic improvement to your home overall.


Metro Atl. Floors creates beautiful custom staircases and balusters for clients throughout the metro Atlanta area. We can work from a picture or match existing styles. We have many affordable staircase options and also can even install custom rod iron balusters upon request.
Aspects of Getting a New Staircase
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