Welcome to the Atlanta Flooring Blog. We are Metro Atl. Floors Inc, a full service flooring company offering a wide variety of hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, carpet and tile to the Atlanta, Ga area. Our aim is to help our clients choose the appropriate materials and design, while also provide high quality professional flooring installation.

Our clients send us numerous pictures of their newly remodeled floors, and flooring ideas for their current projects. Metro Atl. Floors will be sharing trends and innovations in the flooring industry, but will also post examples of past clients’ flooring upgrades. Metro Atl. Floors is a huge fan of the beautiful display achieved with flooring designs and wants everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the aesthetics of our clients’ submissions.

Clients also send examples of projects that didn’t turn out as they had hoped. Unfortunately, often the case is a DIY project gone awry. One of Metro Atl’s goals for this blog is to clear confusion and hopefully enlighten our readers on the intricacies of flooring. We will be providing periodic “how to,” cleaning, and maintenance related content in our blog.

As mentioned prior, our goal is to inform our clients and help them make the appropriate decision based on what options are available to them. Clients can seek the help of Metro Atl. Floors through a FREE in-home consultation, or they can refer to our blog for some helpful information. In the Atlanta Flooring Blog, we will highlight and detail aspects of the flooring process that we believe will help customers. Some examples of upcoming posts are: domestic vs. exotic hardwoods, DIY vs. professional installation, and the benefits of bamboo flooring.

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Whether you are just getting curious about the subject of home flooring, or if you are a seasoned remodeler, Metro Atl. Floors is here to answer questions and provide assistance to the Atlanta hardwood flooring community. We will come out to your residence, FREE of charge, to discuss your flooring options and help make your home renovation dream a reality.

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