One of the more trendy, and for good reason, hardwood flooring option is bamboo flooring.  Bamboo floors offer a strong structure, visually attractive display, are one of the most economical flooring choices available. Not to mention, bamboo is an eco friendly flooring choice because its a rapid growing renewable resource.

It was the Chinese who originally recognized the strength and utility of the Bamboo plant and knew the material would sustain for hundreds of years. Many Chinese buildings that were built centuries ago using bamboo are still standing strong today. This time tested method has paved the way for bamboo hardwood flooring in today’s modern flooring industry.

Strand woven:

Different bamboo strands of contrasting hues are woven together to create a unique floor display.  Strand woven bamboo floors are more durable than the normal bamboo floor because it does not go through the boiling process. Bamboo flooring is especially useful for floor areas that attract heavy foot traffic. The strong bamboo is resistant to the daily rigors and can be easily cleaned with a dust mop. Also, if you live in high humidity areas, strand woven bamboo can be a plus because it is resistant to moisture.


Carbonizing bamboo is a process of boiling the wood strips and changing the properties within the sugars of the wood fibers. This results in the attainment of an array of color choices that are typically available in hues of honey, caramel, and coffee.

Why should you opt for a bamboo hardwood flooring?  Metro Atl. Floors would suggest bamboo flooring for its variety of attractive options. Atlanta hardwood flooring customers will have our large stock of strand woven and carbonized types, as well as numerous colors to select from:  light tan, straw color, dark mahogany, caramel and coffee hued stains.

Bamboo hardwood floors are a trending choice among home owners because they are strong, attractive, relatively inexpensive, as well as an environmentally friendly choice.  Metro Atl. Floors in a leading provider of bamboo hardwood flooring to Atlanta, Ga and its surrounding areas.

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Bamboo flooring in Atlanta, Georgia by Metro Atl. Floors