Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is a big undertaking that can get expensive. One way to make sure you’ll get a great return on your investment is to choose an ornamental backsplash for your space. Done right, a new backsplash can become a stunning focal point of the whole room. Here are some materials you might consider for your new backsplash.

Ceramic tile
This is the most classic of backsplash materials and is well-suited for both kitchen and baths. It comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can choose trendy subway tiles, an old-fashioned checkerboard, or even an Art Nouveau mosaic. Tile also comes in a range of price points, so you should be able to find something that works with your budget.

Glass tiles are becoming almost as popular as ceramic ones, so there are many available sizes to choose from. Avant-garde decorators might instead go to a glass supplier for large, tempered glass panels, which will make a sleek, modern statement.

Chalkboard paint
This is an easy backsplash that’s best for the kitchens of the creative, DIY crowd. It’s inexpensive to simply paint the wall with chalkboard paint, which now comes in many decorator colors. Once it’s dry, the sky’s the limit as to how you decorate the backsplash with colored chalks: post the weekly menu, draw cartoons, keep a running grocery list, or write poems. This is also a great choice for families with children.

Bead board
Kitchens: Cottage Style
This is an inexpensive wall covering that looks great in a country kitchen or Victorian bathroom. Several coats of glossy paint will help keep it water-resistant.

Another classic material for backsplashes, marble is heavy and incredibly durable. It provides a major touch of luxury in the kitchen, but also comes at a luxury price. Silestone or Corian can provide a similar look for less expense, and these synthetic materials are often easier to care for.

River stone
This beautiful material can be used to build a one-of-a-kind backsplash for both kitchens and bathrooms. The unique shape of each stone adds to a free-flowing, organic work of art that is popular with nature-lovers. Installation is time-consuming and may be tricky for an inexperienced tiler, though. Make sure that you go with a professional installer that has a proven track record of success.

Stainless steel
This material is commonly used in commercial kitchens but is becoming more popular in the homes of serious cooks. It’s clean look can feel sterile if not paired with some home-like touches to warm it up, but cleaning it is a snap.

Pressed copper or tin
These traditional materials are experiencing a renaissance, and their metallic patterns look best in a country kitchen or historic home.

Hopefully some of these ideas have your creative juices flowing. Take a look at some recent backsplash projects that Metro Atl. Floors has complete for customers in the Atlanta area.

Beautiful Backsplash Ideas
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