All hardwood floors are beautiful, but what type is just right for your style? Start with this list of the most eye-catching popular varieties, and picture your ideal home as you read.

Jacobean era floors were known for their coffee-like color. These dark floors are often paired with white walls for striking contrast. When using this color, keep your decor simple and clean for the best results.

Solid Red Oak balances red and yellow tones to easily match any decor. For a unique look, find planks with more contrasting grain, and pair it with solid colors in the decor. Its durability makes this perfect for the rooms you use most.
solid oak

Distressed Wide Planks create a subdued backdrop that lends old-world charm to contemporary designs. Wider planks mean a smoother look.
wide plank

Reclaimed Pine is eco-friendly with a deep, sunny glow. The planks are reclaimed from historic buildings and have gathered their lush feel over time.
reclaimed pine

Maple Plank looks sleek and modern. The grain of maple wood is naturally very fine and takes stains beautifully. Maples comes in a variety of warm, reddish shades.
maple plank

Ebonized Hardwood includes oak, cherry, or walnut that have been darkened by chemical reaction. It’s a rich, opaque black without visible wood grain. Ebonized hardwood is most striking when used in a modernized room with a mild palette.
ebonized hardwood

Reclaimed Wood has an appealing natural feel because of unique marks and colors that the planks pick up during their time in other buildings.
reclaimed wood

Brazilian Cherry adds spice to your home. The varied grain colors produce a mosaic effect. Brazilian cherry is also quite affordable for an exotic wood.
brazilian cherry

White Oak covers the paler end of the hardwood spectrum. It can be everything from pale peach to warm honey and is lovely in both neutral and vibrant rooms. This wood is resistant to wear.
white oak

Eucalyptus is one of the best eco-friendly and wallet-friendly options. It is naturally cool brown but can be stained any color. Use eucalyptus to enhance any style.

Bamboo is a tough, fast-growing grass. Bamboo planks can be left their natural straw color for an earthy feel or stained dark for a richer look.

Douglas Fir is often described as a “warm” wood, perfect for a country home. It comes in several widths. Douglas fir is naturally reddish with a thin, straight grain.
douglas fir

The inclusions in the list are only a fraction of the wood flooring options. We recommend that you ask to see samples when making your final decision. Happy home remodeling!

Beautiful Hardwood Flooring Options for Your Home
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