Facts about the Bona Recoat System

We are a little bias, but hardwood floors are probably the classiest type of floors used by households. To keep the floors looking shiny and attractive, it is always advisable to consider a regular recoat. Wooden floors are bound to lose their shiny and attractive look after a given period of use. A simple routine recoating will restore the floors and have them looking brand new. As you can assume, Metro Atl. Floors has done it’s fair share of floor refinishing and we have been extremely pleased with the results from the Bona Recoat System, a major solution to households and commercial places. This is a product that has been expertly designed and prepared to revitalize the appearance of hardwood floors.

Crucial aspects of the Bona Recoat System include:

  • Excellent stain remover: there are numerous contaminants that get on the floor, making it difficult to use the normal cleaning methods. These stains can be easily removed using the Bona Remover which is an essential component of the Bona Recoat System. The remover is designed to break down all contaminants likely to result from acrylic polishes, over-spray from furniture dusters, oil soaps and waxes among others.
  • Perfect rinsing of the floor: After the cleaning process, it’s vital to use the second component of the Bona Recoat System which is the Bona Rinse. This product is made to rinse tracers of the remover and other contaminants. It is also crucial when preparing the floor for the third phase; giving the floor a new coat.
  • Perfect scrubbing: The third component is the Bona Power Scrubber. This is a powerful machine, specifically designed to remove tough stains from wooden floors. It works great in reducing the workload of having to manually scrub a floor.

What are the benefits of resurfacing your floor?

  • Floor resurfacing increases the lifetime of your floor. You can decide to do the refinishing on a yearly basis. The interval, however, depends on the condition of the floor.
  • The process is vital in removing moderate or severe scratches to give your floor a whole new and attractive look.
  • It will save you the budget of replacing your floor in the future. You can always maintain your wooden floor for decades without having to install a new one. It is always easier and cheaper to do the refinishing than replacement of a wooden floor.
  • If you are considering selling your home, a refinished floor will definitely raise your valuation.


What makes Bona Recoat System outstanding from the rest?

The system works on a three component basis (the Bona Remover, Rinser and Power Scrubber). The combination is important in ensuring that every process is up to the task in stain removal and floor maintenance.

Another important feature that is outstanding about this system is that it is highly recommended for safe floor refinishing. All the products have been certified for indoor use because they are non-toxic and non-flammable. This means that the user is safe when doing the recoating in their homes.

With the compact design of the power scrubber, users are able to scrub congested areas. It is also highly efficient because it consists of two counter-rotating brushes that enhance cleaning. The power scrubber can hold up to 2.5 gallons of the remover or rinser to make the process easier to administer.

Metro owner, Joel Negron, says “Metro has been using Bonas ReCoat system exclusively because I believe it to be superior to the others on the market and I want the best quality product for my customers.   I believe Bona stays on the cutting edge with all of its products and have every confidence in them.”

If you have any questions concerning the system please reach out to Metro and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

Product Review: Bona Recoat System
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