Carpet Installation
Installation is the most critical step to ensure the overall performance and appearance of your new floor. At Metro Atl. Floors, professionally trained installers will make sure that you are completely satisfied with the end results. If you have purchased your carpet from another company, we will install your carpet and put down padding.

As part of our extensive service, we also offer to take care of shipping and handling for you!

Floor preparation
In order to have your carpet perfectly installed, your floor must be leveled. In many cases, floors need prep work done before the carpet is installed. We have a wide variety of concrete composite materials to ensure that your floor will be perfectly smooth upon instillation.

Upon floor preparation many times there is older carpet glued down to the floor. At Metro Atl. Floors we can remove the old carpet and dispose of it on site.

The type of padding that goes under the carpet is important to the comfort and to prolonging the life of the carpet. There are several different styles to choose from that vary in weight, feel, performance, and of course, price.

We also carry synthetic pads in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 20oz, 24oz 28oz, 32oz, 40oz to accommodate each unique job, from light to heavy-duty foot traffic or stairs.

We also offer to cut and bind carpets to fit any room’s unique size and shape.

Here are the major pad types and a brief breakdown of their features and benefits:

Foam Padding
Made of Polyurethane foam. This is the least expensive pad, but also the least functional. It typically will lose its cushioning ability after little more than a year.

Rebound Padding
A very common residential pad made from scrap of high-density foam bonded together. It comes in many colors and thickness densities and holds up well over time.

Rubber Padding
A very heavy duty pad made entirely of rubber. It is somewhat difficult to work with because of its weight. Rubber pad will wear very well, and gives a luxurious walk. It is humidity resistant and non-allergenic.