A wood floor lends a feeling of elegance to your home that carpet or tile just can’t achieve. Realtors agree that homes with wood floors sell more quickly and at a higher price than those with others types of flooring. Easy maintenance and a long life are two more excellent reasons for you to consider having woods floors installed in your home. The most important step you need to take when adding wood floors is to choose the right installer. It’s a good idea to work with a professional floor installer who is certified by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).

The NWFA grew out of discussions among wood flooring professionals who recognized the need to band together under the umbrella of a national organization made up of manufacturers and distributors of various types of wood floors as well as contractors who install the floors. The association has been committed to training and certifying installers and inspectors since it was founded in the mid-1980s. The NFWA continues to certify professional wood floor installers and inspectors today through continuing education classes and workshops.

When you are ready to have a wood floor installed at your home or place of business, choosing a certified installer should be just as important to you as determining the kind of floor you want and your budget for the flooring. There are several reasons you’ll benefit from working with a certified installer. The certification program run by the NWFA teaches installers and inspectors alike the important factors that go into laying a hardwood floor so that it offers a lifetime of excellent performance. Many hardwood floor manufacturers stipulate in their warranties that their products are to be installed by a certified professional. An installer must complete numerous hours of proven education as well as actual on-the-job experience before he can be certified as a NWFA professional. Continuing education also plays a big role in his continued re-certification.

The training flooring installers receive through workshops conducted by the NWFA at training centers around the country is another excellent reason to choose these certified professionals to install your wood floors. Training courses run the gamut from methods of installation to moisture identification and mitigation. Installers become familiar with the latest techniques manufacturers have developed as well as tips on evaluating and preparing a job site and completing the work safely. Additional workshops are offered in preparing subfloors for wood installation and finishing techniques for repairing, recoating and refinishing floors that have already been installed.

Finding a wood flooring installer isn’t difficult. Many installers display their certification on their websites and in their sales literature. You can ask an installer who has been recommended to you about his certification. The National Wood Flooring Association website can also direct you to installers and inspectors in your area who have the training and experience that will help ensure your floor is installed correctly.


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