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For a long time, the most effective way to cleanse and maintain wooden, concrete or smooth tile floors was by using a disc automatic scrubber. These machines required increased pad pressure and their dual rotating brushes or pads (depending on the size on the scrub path) operated at 200 – 300 rpms, and they achieved satisfactory, but acceptable results.

Disc scrubbers got the job done, however, if you expect a higher quality of cleaning from your auto scrubbers and floor machines, you should consider purchasing a Clarke machine with added BOOST Technology. Many of the Clarke products currently on the market come with BOOST Technology available, including the FM40 high and low speed floor machines, the Focus II Compact auto scrubber, the Focus II Midsize auto scrubber, the Focus II MicroRider and the Focus II Rider auto scrubber.

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What Is BOOST Technology?

BOOST Technology is a plethora of advantages that come together to achieve evenly and deeply scrubbed floors and that can even remove floor finish.

The first of the many advantages is BOOST’s rectangular pads that provide equal and consistent contact across your cleaning path. It doesn’t matter if you are using an auto scrubber or a floor machine, the BOOST pad has a larger area of contact between the floor’s surface and the pad, and this allows a much more uniform cleaning than disc scrubbers can provide. BOOST’s rectangular-shaped pads also easily allow the operator to clean along the edge of baseboards, as well as in corners, without any added manual labor.

BOOST also orbits approximately 10 times the amount of a traditional scrubber. This means it is able to achieve your desired result by attacking dirt in all directions while still applying less pad pressure, and this increases the life of floor pads by as much as 40%.

Another great feature of BOOST Technology is the many ways that it will save you money by using less chemicals and water than conventional scrubbers. For example, it allows the cleaning solution to be introduced at the front of the rectangular scrubbing pad. It then uses is high-speed orbital action to contain the solution in the pad and carry for the full length of its use. This design has been patented by Clarke as Pulse Modulation Solution Control. Unlike typical disc scrubbers that sling water away from the cleaning pad, BOOST’s design allows for efficient use of both water and cleaning solution, which adds up to a savings of 50 – 70% of each compared to regular floor scrubbers.

Chemically-free Floor Finish Removal

In addition to its minimal solution use and fast immediate solution pick-up, probably the best advantage to owning a cleaner with BOOST Technology is its ability to remove floor finish without the use of any chemicals. You will no longer have to worry about slips and falls or chemical spills and odors, because BOOST technology can remove your floor finish using only water. This adds up to an easy 70% savings over buying the usual solutions for floor finish removal.

Simply put on the maroon-colored pad, fill the tank with water and reduce the machine’s speed. After removing the finish, your floor will immediately dry and be safe for re-coating. And because BOOST’s intensive deep cleaning allows for more effective burnishing, you will be able to extend your usual strip and re-coat cycles much longer. Conventional disc scrubbers tend to leave some dirt behind, which gets burnished into the finish. This results in an ugly yellow effect, and the floor may need to be stripped and re-coated prematurely.

Save Both Energy And Labor

By reducing pad pressure and reducing water usage, the BOOST machine is able to utilize its battery pack and motors more efficiently than its competitors. BOOST Technology has been shown to increase the running time of a scrubber by up to 25%. This can also save you money, since you will not have to change batteries as often as usual.

Not to mention, the close-to-the-edge cleaning achieved by the rectangular pad reduces costly secondhand manual labor, and because less water is needed, the operator will spend more time cleaning and less time emptying and refilling scrubber tanks. These features can almost cut labor time nearly in half!

Within 10 years, the savings over typical machines allows the BOOST scrubber to pay for itself, and your next scrubber, all while it performs everyday tasks. These machines are ergonomically-designed, come with built-in safety features and efficiently clean multiple floor types, so will never have a need for additional equipment. We highly recommend BOOST Technology and use these machines often ourselves, so, trust us, these are some of the best scrubbers out there.

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Clarke Floor Scrubbers with BOOST Technology
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