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Today, Metro proudly recognizes one of our own as one of Atlanta’s and our nation’s finest foremen. Hector Chairez has successfully completed the requirements to becoming certified as one of the National Wood Flooring Association’s (NWFA) Certified Installers. This preeminent distinction only honors a select few foremen who meet the rigorous requirements of the National Wood Flooring Association.

Chairez joins the ranks of the elite Certified Installers, who are the recommended installation experts by more than thirty leading wood flooring conglomerates such as Mohawk Finishing Products and Kahrs, International. These manufacturers are able to minimize claims and guarantee exceptional service by ensuring that their product is only installed by a Certified Installer. NWFA’s Certified Installers participate in training programs designed to benefit flooring performance, delivering exceptional service to all potential customers.

NWFA Certified Installers, like Chairez, are guaranteed to know the exact process for installation of all wooden floors because of ample time spent in the classroom and in the field. This certification means, quite simply, that the work that they are hired to do will be of the highest quality which ensures an exceptional end product for the customer. There should also be no doubt in your mind that Certified Installers will always approach the workplace with professionalism and the utmost respect. If you want your wood flooring project to inspire and satisfy you for decades to come, there is simply no option except to select an installation by one of wood flooring’s finest, a Certified Installer.

Becoming a NWFA Certified Installer was no easy task, however earning the certification validates a foreman’s wood flooring knowledge and expertise, which gives Chairez an edge up on his competition. To become eligible for the certification, Chairez first had to have at least two years of wood flooring installation experience and he had to have attended at least two NWFA-approved installation or manufacturer workshops. Both written and hands-on testing was required before Chairez could be honored with the certification. To maintain his certification, Chairez must complete three continuing certification classes annually. This ensures that he will stay on top of leading trends and techniques.

Metro is proud of Chairez’s latest accomplishment and remarks that “these certifications are not easy to get, they require online classes, online testing, and hands-on four-day workshops followed by hands-on testing. That’s what sets Metro’s techs apart from the others.” Congratulations to Hector Chairez on joining the ranks of the elite!

Congratulations Hector Chairez – Metro’s Newest NWFA Certified Installer
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