Moisture is a tricky thing to deal with. There are times when you feel that the presence of moisture is bliss, but at times it becomes a hindrance as well. Just think, what if, there is too much moisture on the floor? Well, it‘s a strict no-no. This will hamper the correct installation, functioning and durability of the floor. It is very important to have the right amount of moisture while installing the floor. And, the best way to determine the presence of moisture is through a machine specifically designed to measure the moisture content and undisputedly, Delmhorst Total Check Meter is the best one that you can ever get.

To know why this is the best and the most effective one, keep reading here:

Unique Functioning

One of the reasons why Delmhorst Total Check Meter is way ahead from its competitors is because of the multiple-functioning and high-end features that it possesses. It has a 3-in-1 capacity and measures the moisture levels by both scan and pin modes. Additionally, it has a removable thermo-hygrometer that allows you to measure RH and ambient temperature, calculate GPP and dew point. Previously, moisture meters could only be used to measure the ambient temperature, but this advanced meter has been a revelation and a game changer for those who are in the job of installing floors.

What Stands Out?

Apart from being a 3-in-1 system, the Delmhorst Total Check Meter is used for concrete floors, wooden floors, and subfloors. So, when a floor is installed over a concrete sub-floor, you will know the exact amount of moisture that is present and the amount of moisture that you actually need for the floor to be installed properly. This is a an important reason that this meter is the key to some of the best and most perfect floors that you see and is a must for the flooring professionals. In fact, RH and ambient temperature are considered to be the two most important factors when it comes to understanding the flooring conditions and this meter will help measure them with the most accurate reading.

The Amazing Features

The Delmhorst Total Check Meter is one of a kind and has created ripples with its effectiveness and multiple-functions. It has some mind-blowing features that are really more advanced than its time. Here are some of those for your quick reference:

  • The Pin mode of this meter measures from 5% to 60% of wood scale.
  • The scan mode has numerical reference scale from 0 to 300.
  • Thermo-hygrometer that comes with RH sensor can measure temperature from -40 oF to 255o
  • It can calculate specific humidity (GPP). The meter can store 1,400 readings that are time and date stamped. Using the infrared link, you can export those readings to a spreadsheet (that is Microsoft Excel file) in your computer for future reference. This is a great feature because it provides documentation of all the job conditions.
  • The relative humidity range of this meter is 0% to 100% which is very impressive.
  • Determining RH in a concrete floor will be really easy as it conforms to the ASTM F2170 standard.

Joel Negron, owner of says: “Hard surface flooring has a few enemy’s, by far the main one is moisture. Making sure equilibrium is reached before installation and kept after installation is key to its performance.”

Here are two of my favorite tools  when checking humidity levels: Humidity chart and the Delmhorst Total Check Meter.

To Verdict!

All said and done, the Delmhorst Total Check Meter is a must have, if you are in the job of installing floors. With a one year guarantee, this is a meter that you simply cannot say no to. After all, quality counts!

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