You have decided to make the jump and are researching your options for possible hardwood flooring materials. Now it is time to consult a professional and get the installation process going. You have set your budget, discussed the basic requirements and are now deciding between which domestic, or exotic, wood you would like to use. There are advantages to both options, but they do have their differences. We have highlighted some of the contrasts between the two below.

The Janka Hardwood Scale

Domestic Hardwoods

Typically, the most popular domestic wood variety would be Natural Red Oak, with White Oak coming in a close second.

1. Because Red Oak is by far the most stain friendly wood, it allows the customer to choose from a wide range of stains. The range of stain colors can go from a simple clear coat to an ebony black finish.
2. Cost plays a role in all home renovation projects. Domestics are generally priced lower than exotics. This is not because domestics are inferior, but rather because of the transportation costs of the exotic wood materials.
3. Natural Red Oak hard wood flooring is the standard for domestic woods and sits in the bottom third of the Janka scale. Exotics tend to be harder woods.
4. Even though the wood may rank in the bottom 3rd of the Janka scale, it is far from soft and holds up well to the conditions.

Exotic Hardwoods

As you slide up the Janka Scale it’s obvious that hardness is a factor that needs to be considered, but it is not the only criteria when choosing your floor. Exotics offer a wide range of aesthetic designs that remodelers love.

1. Exotic woods provide wide range species. Brazilian Cherry, African Mahogany, and Rosewood are just a few of the many varieties there are for exotic woods.
2. Your desired color and texture is now achieved with the natural hardwood.
3. Possibly the most compelling trait of exotic hardwood is the increased grain and striations. These will add a beautiful contrast to your floor.
4. Contrary to domestics, exotics tend to have a high density. This makes them very difficult to dent or ding.

It’s a tough decision and one that shouldn’t be made without first consulting with a pro. Are there kids in the home? What kind of any animals live in the home? What’s the decor of the home? Are you on a slab? Are you on a crawl space? A basement?

The color, grain and textures of each wood Domestic or Exotic are different. Metro has a full line of all solid hardwood flooring both domestic and exotic, gives us a call and we will be glad to show you both during your FREE in home consultation.

Janka Scale

Domestic and Exotic Hardwoods
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