The carpet in most homes represents a major decorating investment. When someone is careless when lighting a candle, smoking a cigarette or using the fireplace, a burn can quickly develop on the carpet which becomes very noticeable and ruins the appearance of the whole area. There is no need to panic, however, and certainly no need to raid your vacation fund in order to purchase a whole new carpet. There are two different ways you can repair both small and large burns in carpeting with either synthetic or natural fibers. The repair process takes time and effort but the results are well worth it.

The first repair method for repairing carpet burns requires a sharp pair of scissors from your beauty manicure kit. Use these to completely cut away all evidence of singed carpet fibers. Another beauty tool is necessary in the repair process. Take a pair of tweezers and manually pull out any carpeting fibers that look burned or are dark due to becoming singed. Now you want to locate an area of the carpet that is not in plain view, preferably under a chair or sofa. Using the manicure scissors again, cut a fair amount of clean carpet fibers from that section of carpeting. Cut out enough fibers from the hidden area of clean carpeting in order to completely fill the hole in the carpeting where you cut out all evidence of singed fibers.
carpet burn repair

It’s helpful to gather your clean cut carpet fibers into a small dish. Now apply a dab or two of really strong glue into the burn hole and then use the tweezers in order to fill the hole with the clean cut carpeting fibers. It’s important to fill it as full as possible with even more fibers than you think you need. Now position a clean heavy object such as a doorstop or book over the repaired area and let it sit there for three or four days. After removing the heavy object, use a clean comb to fluff up the fibers and blend in the repaired spot with the rest of the carpeting.

A second repair method is effective for repairing burns larger than a dime but this works only if you have extra carpet remnants available. This method involves using a sharp knife to cut out the burned area in the shape of a square. Then cut out a replacement piece from your carpet remnant that matches the exact size and shape of the burned carpeting you have excised from the rug. Use extra strong glue to attach the replacement piece into the damaged area like a puzzle piece, then place a clean towel over it and weight it down with a heavy object for several days. Remove the object, then fluff up the carpet fibers with a comb so that it blends in.


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Effective Ways to Repair Burns in Home Carpeting
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