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A site-finished wood floor is suitable since you can customize it to meet your personal needs. What is more, you can make your floor to fit the terrain of your house. When planning to use wooden floor for your house, the question on whether to use site-finished wood or pre-finished wood may be puzzling. While site-finished wood floor is expensive and time consuming, the end-product is flawless and recommended by experts. However according to your needs you may prefer factory-finished floor. Determining the best wood floor finish option to use depends on several factors including installation time, level of customization and clean-up.

factory finished

Installation Time
Using factory-finished wood floor saves time since you can use or walk on the floor immediately after installation. This is in comparison to site-finished wood floor since it needs some time to dry before you can use or walk on it. With laborers in the house to install the floor on site, noise, stench, dust and disruption is inevitable. Installing factory-finished floor may take only one day for a regular sized room since wood sanding and coating takes place in the factory before you make the purchase.

Level of customization
With factory finished wood floors, it is not possible to achieve the level of customization that site-finished floor offers. This is because for factory-finished wood floor, finishing is done at the factory before it even gets to your house. There are limitless choices on how you can customize your floor while using site-finished floor. Mostly the design for factory-finished wood floor works well for flat sub-floors. A bump on a pre-finished floor means first fixing the bump before installing the factory-finished floor, which is frustrating


Clean up
When using site-finished floor, it is possible to choose the kind finish to apply that will suit your cleaning and stain removal methods and maintenance. Factory-finished floor may fail to fit in together leaving some cracks that traps in dusts making the cleaning process difficult and more time consuming.

Factory Fished vs. Site Finished: Which Wood Floor Finish Option is Best for Me?
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