Many homeowners will choose to improve the quality and value of their home by making the decision to have new flooring installed. Hardwood flooring is often at the top of the list, but you may also consider laminate, carpet, tile and any other flooring that is pleasing to you. Remodeling your floors is no small task, and there are several questions you should remember to ask any flooring company you are considering hiring for the job. Be sure to ask these following 5 questions before you write any checks and you will weed out the pretenders from the legitimate companies.

1. Is Your Company Insured

In most states, a company is required to have insurance before entering your home to do a floor remodel. You should expect any professional company to be fully insured and prepared to show you the necessary paperwork. This should cover any of the company’s employees if they are hurt on the job while in your home so that doesn’t end up being charged to your home owner’s insurance. It can also make sure you are reimbursed if you are injured by their neglect on the job, if an employee steals from you or if your home is damaged during the job.

2. Are Your Employees Certified?

For a flooring remodel, the best thing you can see is that each employee is NWFA certified. You would definitely be safe going with a company that makes this a priority for any employee that will be working in your home. Additionally, many companies require their employees to go through some extra training to show they are proficient before they are ever sent out on a job.

3. How Much Can I Learn From Your Website?

Customer reviews are a big deal, and you should plan to read each and every one of them available to you. If a problem is reported by a customer, then you should be seeing something from the company apologizing and making a plan to solve the problem. A very good thing to look for is recommendations from other businesses who have worked alongside the flooring company you are investigating.

4. Do Your Employees Work Full-Time?

The best companies have regular full-time employees that have been with the company for a substantial amount of time and are well-trained for the type of work they do. You want to avoid the companies that pick up day laborers from temp agencies. Your flooring job requires employees who are well-trained rather than those just learning as they go along.

5. May I See Before and After Photos of Past Jobs?

When you first walk into a flooring company, you may see binders inviting you to look through the many jobs that the company has completed. If you don’t see anything, then you should ask to look at some before and after photos. A good company will be eager to show off their work. This would be a good time to ask about how long they have been in business in your area as well.

Remember, the most inexpensive price won’t necessarily leave you with quality work. Pick two or three flooring companies and ask them each these questions. Go with the one that gives you the answers you are most comfortable with, and you are sure to have a beautiful new floor to be proud of in no time at all.

Five Questions You Should Ask Flooring Companies Before Hiring
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