With floating floors becoming more acceptable now and having a virtual no failure rate popularity is climbing. Installing a product as nervous as hardwood flooring to a hydroscopic fixed surface can be a recipe for disaster as we know. If you have ever seen or replaced a cupped or burst hardwood floor you would have felt it in the pocket. With Elastilon creating a floating floor with no glue in the T&G and in conjunction with a 6mil poly plastic any problems of this nature could well be a thing of the past. The pros far outweigh the cons.

“ no more moisture or pressure cupping
“ great on concrete on or below grade
“ great directly over light weight Gypcrete
“ great sound deadening on Ply above grade
“ clean no mess installation as no wet glue’s
“ proven over 26 years through 30 countries
“ Forms part of the NWFA installation guidelines

It’s as simple as this. https://lnkd.in/gTMg2uh (CLICK LINK)

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