Wood flooring technologies are constantly evolving and new products are often introduced to the industry. In an effort to stay on top of trends and ensure that we offer the best to our customers, Metro Atl. Floors is always looking for the best products on the market. Metro’s owner, Joel Negron, had been hearing good things about Glitsa’s Infinity II waterborne finish and decided to test it out and share his experience in this blog post.

In an effort to get the story straight from the horse’s mouth, Joel reached out to Glitsa to learn more about their products. Their representative, Julie Russell, was extremely helpful and provide Metro Atl. Floors with some product to sample.
glitsa finish

Joel shares, “Incredible customer service from the words good morning. Everyone I spoke with was eager to help and were polite and professional. After speaking with Julie and explaining what I was trying to do, she was kind enough to mail me enough products to finish 1,000 sq. ft. of unfinished hardwood flooring.”

Coincidentally, Metro had the perfect job for the billing; a sand and finish project for roughly 1,000 sq. ft. in Marietta GA. Here is an interesting twist, the owner of the soon-to-be refinished floors would happen to be the baseball coach for Joel’s 7 year-old son. Small world. Metro was sure to inform the floor owner that we were using a new product, but that it had great reviews. Metro also ensured the customer that in the event that the product wasn’t up to par that another finish would be used; this gesture removed any risk on the customers part. Joel was confident that the Glitsa finish would turn out well, but the result was MUCH BETTER than expected and the finished job looked amazing. The sheen is completely even throughout and the finished floor looked like it had a layer of glass over it.

The area that was sand and finished had a vent located near that wall, which can be a difficult task to deal with often times.

Joel says, “Metro believes in clean lines on its installations. That’s why we retro-fit flush mount vents into them. This takes a highly skilled tech to turn out properly.”

An important note to flooring pros; the Glitsa Infinity II finish pulls very easily! There is no need to worry about experiencing spot drying while dealing with large areas. The finish applies smoothly and you won’t find yourself chasing it.

From the consumer’s perspective, it is important to take notice when a flooring professional shares that they will be using a Glitsa finish. You can be confident that the finish aspect of the work performed will be top quality and have your floors looking great!

“The key to longevity of a finish product is how hard it is once it dries.” Says Joel Negron, “When Glitsa’s Infinity II finish reaches cure it is hard as a rock!”

After trying the Infinity II waterborne finish, we at Metro Atl. Floors are definitely supporters of Glitsa’s fine product. We could go on and on about our experience, but we recommend that other flooring professionals try it out for themselves. We are sure that you will be as happy with the results as we are. If you have any questions about Glitsa and their finishes reach out to them on their website. We look forward to using their products on future jobs.

Glitsa Infinity II Waterborne Finish Review