When planning your new bathroom concept, major considerations include cost, durability, and a style that expresses your personal design ethos. The great news is that all of these criteria are covered by an array of materials that are eco-friendly options. While wall coverings, light fixtures, and vanity surfaces are important foci for any bathroom design, flooring may be one of the most crucial and often overlooked facets. This article will examine the hottest eco-friendly trends in materials for bathroom floor remodels.

Roman Bath Chic
The Ancient Romans can be credited with inventing terrazzo tile, and the look is still the height of fashion. This green flooring option is also a highly durable and eco-friendly option, made from marble or glass chips set in a matrix of concrete. Metro Atl. Floors uses a low or no-VOC sealer to retain the green benefits of this material. While it can be rather expensive, its long lifespan and beautiful look make it a great investment.

A Firm Footing
Ceramic tiles have long been a popular choice when it comes to bathroom remodels. Today’s more eco-conscious tile options are often made using ceramic waste materials or recycled post-industrial content. They are both durable and stylish, coming in an incredible range of textures, sizes, and colors.

A Concrete Idea
Concrete design has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. When it comes to eco-friendly flooring options, concrete is an option because of its durability and versatility. If you’re investing in green flooring materials, you can’t get greener than this. What’s more is that with this flooring material, you’ll be saving some major green for your wallet. Concrete floors are long-lived, durable, hygienic, and highly energy-efficient surfaces that can be designed using recycled materials available in your particular region.

Pebbled Glass Tile
Get a spa sensation with this amazing material for your new bathroom floors. These tiles use 100 percent recycled glass and offer you a foot massage, while being hygienic and easy to maintain.

The Soft Look
Linoleum tile is often confused with sheet vinyl, but it’s actually a completely different product manufactured from inherently green products, such as linseed oil. That makes it automatically antimicrobial—a perfect fit for your eco-friendly flooring bathroom design. Moreover, in addition to being almost literally bullet-proof, it’s known as “the 40-year floor” because it becomes stronger over time. This flooring material comes in planks, sheets, or tiles, giving you a multitude of options when it comes to individual preferences for flooring in Atlanta.

When it comes to ecologically conscious flooring options, your options are extensive, though these receive the highest marks for quality and durability. Because most bathrooms have a relatively small footprint, homeowners can often afford to splurge a little when it comes to price. The best flooring may be at the high end of your price range, but because it often outlasts cheaper and less earth-friendly materials, you’d be justified to spend a little extra. If there are any questions regarding the overview of bathroom flooring options, please leave a comment below.


Are you looking for a specific architectural style for your project? Or need some advice selecting the appropriate design? Metro Atl. Floors installers are very knowledgable and can design to accommodate many different styles including (not limited to): Spanish Revival, Mediterranean, French Country, Tuscan, Craftsman, Victorian, Traditional, Contemporary, and modern.
Going Green with your Bathroom Remodel
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