Homeowners are becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact that their flooring choices make. Not only do green flooring options help the environment, but they improve the quality of the air inside the home as well, making the home a healthier and safer environment for the entire family. There are many options for green flooring on the market today and they are available in a multitude of styles, colors and price points.

Wood Flooring
Environmentally conscious homeowners should ensure that their hardwood or engineered wood floor is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. They ensure that the wood products are grown, harvested and processed in a sustainable way and that they are not full of the toxic chemicals that homeowners are trying to avoid. Some brands to look for are Eco Timber and US Floors. For laminate floors, Wilsonart is the brand to look to for green laminate flooring.

When choosing tile, the best way to get an eco-friendly product is to use recycled glass tiles. Recycled glass tiles are available in every shade, texture and size imaginable. They make the perfect addition to any back splash or bathroom tile project. Fire Clay Tile and Modwalls Viridian glass tiles have beautiful options.

Bamboo Flooring
There are many bamboo floors on the market today that are not environmentally friendly. Many commercially available brands of bamboo flooring have been treated heavily with formaldehyde and grown and shipped from plantations without proper fair trade guidelines. Homeowners who would like to install a truly environmentally friendly bamboo floor should look into Teragren or Plyboo.

Cork has made a strong showing in recent green flooring trends. Available in a multitude of colors, cork is a natural product that is warm on the feet, comfortable to stand on and provides a unique aesthetic. US Floors makes a great cork floor that is available in many styles and colors.

Traditional carpet is incredibly toxic, full of chemicals and dangerous to the environment and the air inside the home. Luckily, carpets made of natural fibers are available and will fit the design needs of any homeowner. Cotton, wool and jute carpets have become quite popular in recent years. Fibreworks and Earth Weave are great places to start your natural carpet search.

Many people mistakenly refer to toxic vinyl floors as linoleum. In truth, real linoleum is a green product that is safe for the home and the environment. The most popular linoleum brand is Marmoleum and offers linoleum flooring options in a wide variety of colors. Marmoleum products are available in sheets or squares that click together. They are made from linseed oil and are naturally anti-microbial, durable and easy to install. They do not require toxic adhesives to install and they do not omit gas. Marmoleum floors are ideal for homes and rooms of all sizes and styles.

Green flooring is the way of the future. Homeowners and designers alike are intrigued by and pleased with the selection that is available. Not only are these green flooring options beautiful, but they are healthy as well.


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Green Trends In Flooring
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