Hardwood flooring can be a beautiful upgrade to a home while at the same time increasing its value. Metro Atl. Floors offers a wide range of solid hardwood flooring products as well as high quality professional installation to the Atlanta area. Already have hard wood flooring? Metro Atl. Floors shares the best way to clean hardwood floors, and other useful recommendations, in our blog.

Daily, home owners are choosing to upgrade the value and look of their property by installing hardwood floors. Hard wood floors provide a solid and sustainable structure, with an aesthetic design, and are easy for owners to clean.
Always stocked with a variety of unfinished and prefinished hardwood flooring options, Metro Atl. Floors is the location to find bamboo flooring, red oak, white oak, teak wood, koa, Brazilian cherry and other exotic woods. In addition to the large amount of flooring types to choose from, Metro Atl. Floors provides its customers with high quality professional installation.

Prefinished hardwood comes with the stain already applied and includes one less step in the installation process. This is different from unfinished hardwood, which has to be installed before being put through the process of sanding, staining and finishing. Solid hardwood flooring was historically used for structural purposes but with the increased use of concrete, hardwood flooring is now used almost exclusively for visual attractiveness.


  • Appearance – Hardwood floors come in a variety of styles, types, and finishes making each installation unique to that home.
  • Cleaning – Minimal up keep will have your hard wood floors looking beautiful for generations.
  • Air Quality – If you suffer from allergies, hardwood flooring can be a smart option for reducing pet dander and dust particles.
  • Durability – Solid hardwood floors can withstand regular wear and tear for decades while also needing less maintenance than tile and carpet flooring.

Metro Atl. Floors provides helpful hardwood flooring tips, and will answer questions, in our blog. Some topics include: how to install hardwood floors, how to refinish hardwood floors, and hardwood flooring options. Occasionally we offer discount flooring coupons for the Atlanta area. Keep your eyes out!

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