A properly installed floor, from laminate to carpet, gives your home a finished appearance while protecting the subfloor below. Although some DIYers prefer to install their own flooring, the process is often time-consuming and grueling on the body. Finding a flooring contractor, however, used to be a difficult chore. Unless you had friends or neighbors with good contractor recommendations, you were left with a random choice of people out of the phone book. In today’s information-friendly world, consumers can read about almost any contractor and their expertise through review websites. Take a look at some of the best online reviews and directories to find your next flooring contractor.

1. Angie’s List

This review website is different from a standard site that allows anyone, anonymous or otherwise, to add their comments. You must join Angie’s List to see reviews and post your own. There is no anonymity and all comments are verified to be real consumers. Companies cannot “review” themselves to boost their ratings. Simply type in your contractor type, including flooring, and choose your location. Angie’s List pulls up all local contractors that match your search with valuable reviews right alongside their names.

2. Google

With Google’s algorithms constantly updated, this search engine is relatively smart. It takes your location into consideration when you type in “flooring contractor.” However, using this vague term may give you a phone book of companies in return. Try adding other keywords, including “best,” “certified” or “most reviewed.” Google sorts your search with top matches to help you narrow down your contractor search. It’s always advised to interview three or four professionals before selecting a company.

3. Home Advisor

Home Advisor takes the standard search process and makes it more detailed. For example, you look for a flooring contractor and the website asks you about material choice, square footage or special instructions. After looking over your results, screened contractors are matched to your project. You can either contact them or they call you. Specific details Home Advisor asks for helps their professionals understand your needs for a better installation process.

4. Kudzu

Reviews on Kudzu are straight from the heart. As an uncensored look at contractors’ work, you’re sure to uncover any major issues on this website. Type in your location and contractor needs to see a list of reviews. This site also offers discounts through their contractor advertising. You may find a well-reviewed contractor with a virtual coupon during your search. Kudzu is unique with this discount and review combination.

5. Thumbtack

Instead of reviews, Thumbtack offers you quotes, based on your typed-in information. You request a flooring contractor, adding any special directives, and receive up to five quotes in 24 hours. After reading through the emails, you can contact as many contractors as you like. There is no obligation to hire any of them. Thumbtack protects your information as well, reducing email spam.

There are many hardworking flooring contractors in the industry. Try any of these online resources to truly match your project with the right company. The resulting floor will last for decades.

How To Find Quality Flooring Companies
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