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Whether you are a do-it-yourself-er or an experienced flooring professional, it is important to install a floor that is durable and built to last a long time. Today, we are focusing on an integral aspect of securing wood floors: L Cleats.

When you get your beautiful new wood floors installed you plan on them lasting nearly a lifetime and the fastener option that you select will have a significant impact on the durability of your floors. Hardwood floor nails serve the purpose of holding the floor without squeaks. Though hardwood floors can be installed by use of adhesives or floating floors, fasteners, such as L cleats, are often the preferred means of securing a durable and long lasting floor. Consulting with professionals is imperative when choosing what materials to use for a strong floor. Flooring Pro Fastening are trusted manufacturers of all types of fastening tools, and their technicians will guide you through in your quest to have a durable floor. In the event that you’re not a DIYer, it is imperative to ask your local flooring contractor how they will be securing your new hardwood floors.

Flooring Pro Fastening's L-Cleats

Cleats are commonly made of steel and are sold either with L or T shaped heads. They have a series of ribs which run for at least two-thirds of the way and these ribs are critical in providing a strong grip to the subfloor. The remaining part of the cleat is left smooth to give room for expansion and contraction of the floor with season changes in humidity and temperature. Most L cleats are 16 gauges or 18 gauges.

Flooring Pro fastening offers cleats that are specific to the job and durable. Any flooring specialist need to try these products as they have unequaled qualities. Their cleats are superior due to the following factors:


  • Made with 16 gauge premium grade high carbon steel
  • Master Flex collation eliminates waste due to breakup
  • Wide head eliminates miss fires
  • V-shape gripper barbs will eliminate any board movement and reduce contactor call backs
  • A superior point design reduces wood splitting
  • Available in convenient 1,000 count Job Pack boxes

Flooring Pro Fastening is a globally recognized company offering solutions to all kinds of fastening needs for your floor. They have over 30 years of experience, making them frontrunners when it comes to customer satisfaction and proven production. Their products are meant to provide satisfaction to every customer.

Benefits of cleats
They are versatile and available in various sizes to cater for the thickness of floor you are dealing with.
They allow flexibility enabling floors to adjust to changes in temperature without damage
Powernail cleats are made for high-grade materials minimizing bending when driving into the wood.
They can be used in any type of hardwood flooring as they are designed to reduce risk of splitting the tongues when installing

Flooring Pro Fastening has a ton of cleats for all of your floor fastening needs. You can learn more about them and their product line by visiting their website. We are thrilled with the results that we get when using their products on our wood flooring projects and recommend them to experience DIY enthusiasts.

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L Cleats – A Crucial Facet of Durable and Long Lasting Hardwood Floors
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