The annual NWFA Wood Flooring Expo will be taking place in Dallas this April 2nd through 5th. The National Wood Flooring Association is the main resource for information and standards in the wood flooring industry. Each year the NWFA put on the expo to educate attendees, discuss trends in the industry, and provide networking opportunities for its members. Metro Atl. Floors will not be in physical attendance this year, but we will be following along with the expo online.

You can find a schedule of the seminars and keynotes here . Education for this year’s expo covers items from marketing and sales, as well as more technical aspects like architecture and design. The Wood Flooring Expo presents a wide range of topics that will suit the aims of a variety of wood flooring professionals.

If you cannot wait for the expo to start, here are some links to last year’s video content.

Keep an eye on our twitter feed for updates and links throughout the expo. We will also be posting subsequent blogs regarding particular topics presented at the expo and how wood flooring industry trends will affect the Atlanta area.

NWFA Wood Flooring Expo
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