Metro Atl. Floors does several remodels and installations in which it is necessary to strip out the old flooring before the new material can be installed. Because we deal with all types of flooring, from exotic hardwood to carpeting, it is of the utmost importance to have a powerful floor stripper that can be effective no matter how bonded the material is to the floor. In today’s product review, we talk about the Wolff Turbo II Floor Stripper and its features that make it one of the industry’s top floor strippers.

With its multiple blade widths and styles the Turbo II Stripper is suitable for all jobs and can remove all types of bonded flooring. The machine even has the ability to remove textile floors with fleece backing and carpets with foam backing. Before starting work, the floor covering must be cut into strips that are about 12 inches wide. To begin stripping the floor, cut one strip crosswise and then lift the floor slightly so the blade can be placed underneath.

The Turbo II Stripper has the industry’s best propulsion system and produces 5,000 strokes per minute. Many of the other leading floor stripping machines can only muster 2,000 strokes per minute. Because the propulsion system is so impressive the Turbo II can handle the tougher jobs more easily that its competitors. In the event the floor is being particularly stubborn, with extra epoxy being present, cut the strips at a smaller width to make the floor easier to remove. In addition, the machine is fully self-propelled making it easier to push with minimal effort.

Because the machine is so powerful it can sometimes be difficult to control. The Turbo-Stripper is expandable by 1 up to 3 additional weights, with each weight being 30 kg. In addition, there are 3 weight positions for adjusting the aggressiveness of the machine. The diversity of adjustments possible with the Turbo II make it easily maneuverable while taking out difficult flooring.

With the mentioning of 5,000 strokes per minute and the ability to add weights to reduce aggressiveness, one would assume that the machine would be difficult to steer. However, with a hand operated feather clutch included, that could not be further from the truth. Even though you are stripping out bonded flooring the machine glides smoothly along, not showing any signs of struggle.

Take a look at a couple of demonstration videos to get a better idea of how the machine operates.

Metro Atl. Floors technicians are experts in their field and have thorough experience working with floor stripping machines. Floor stripping is typically not a DIY project and when a floor is in need of removal it is best to consult a professional on how to best handle the situation. If you have any questions regarding the Wolf Turbo II Floor Stripper, please comment below and we will be happy to answer.

Wolff Turbo II Floor Stripper


Heavy duty floor stripper for removal of any type of bonded flooring
Product Review – Wolff Turbo II Floor Stripper
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