Hardwood floors provide a good investment for a homeowner and are notable for their luxurious and timeless look. So, it would be a sensible choice to protect your investment and keep your floors looking good for longer periods of time. One of the first signs of wear that appear on wood floors is the damage resulting from heavy objects, such as furniture. Hardwood floors are an easy to clean and aesthetic option, but the material is softer than tile and more susceptible to furniture weight than carpet. There is a resolution though! In this post we have identified some precautionary tips that will help you keep your furniture from damaging your wood floors.

3 key factors in protecting wood floors from furniture weight:

Consistently cleaning and properly maintaining your floors will help them keep their strength and form. Place nonrubber floor mats at the entry ways to your home. By doing this you will reduce the amount of dirt buildup and create less of a mess to clean up at a later time. When cleaning, be sure to remove the mats from the entrances so that your floors have the opportunity to “breathe.” The easiest way to keep your floors free of dust and debris is to vacuum them consistently with a soft brush attachment. As mentioned in a prior post, refinishing is a crucial aspect in maintaining wood floors. Typically floors should be refinished every four to five years, or as frequently as is recommended by your local flooring professional.

A simple solution to the weight issue posed by furniture is to place cork pads and felt padding to the bottom of all furniture legs. A good recommendation is to use wider padding for heavier furniture, such as sofas and large tables. Be cautious of the quality of pads you use because like with all products, there is a wide range of quality and effectiveness. Place a barrier, like a thin sheet of plywood, underneath furniture and use a dolly when moving to prevent scratches on your floor.

Damage Prevention
One way your wood floors can be susceptible to furniture weight is due to losing strength from insect caused damage. Something to keep in mind is that older wooden furniture is more likely to harbor insects and allow a colony to migrate. This is important to keep in mind when looking at adding antique furniture to your home. If at any time you notice any insects in your home, be sure to get a pro involved to ensure that the lil’ buggers aren’t damaging your wood.

If you have any questions regarding ways to keep your wood floors free of weight damage from furniture, please get in contact with us and we would be happy to help.

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Protecting Hardwood Floors From Furniture Weight
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