People tend to love hardwood floors. This type of surface provides a welcoming, yet sophisticated, quality to the house. Depending upon the time available for the project, the condition of the current floors and other factors, homeowners will have to decide between refinishing the floors or replacing them entirely. Both options can provide a breathtaking look, but there are factors to consider.

The Cost
The price is one of the biggest determining factors. Individuals should set a budget for the project before they speak to the company. Those who have a smaller budget dedicated to the remodel project will likely find that refinishing is a better option. The exact price is going to depend upon the size of the area, but a replacement is usually significantly more expensive. However, if the floors are in very poor condition, the cost may be close.

Floor Quality
In the event that the floors are in very poor condition, the homeowners may just want to consider having them replaced. When they compare the prices, they may see that the floors are in such bad shape that it will nearly cost as much to have them refinished as it would to simply replace them. Floors that have minor damage to them generally do not need to be replaced.

Wear and Tear
As noted, the current condition of the floors plays a major role in whether they should be repaired or replaced. However, homeowners should also consider how much wear and tear they are going to get in the future. If, for example, they are thinking of what to do in a room where children and pets are going to spend a lot of time playing, spending the money to get new floors may not be worth it.

Age of the Floors
Having new and upgraded floors is a quality that many homeowners prefer for their own value, but they should really consider the utility of new floors if they are planning to put their home up for sale in the new future. Marketing a house as having brand new floors is one way to bring potential buyers in and to make a decent sale.

Homeowners who are happy with the current color and type of wood on the floors likely need not replace the entire floor unless significant damage exists to them. On the other hand, those who want to go for an entirely new style are unlikely to have any option other than replacement.

Time for the Project
How much time is available for the project must also be taken into account. For example, if you want to move into your new house and have everything finished within a very short period of time, redoing all of the floors in the house is likely not possible.

Speaking with a representative from the company and reviewing all of the unique details will help you to form a more definite answer since each situation varies from the others. Best of luck in your remodel project!

Refinishing vs. Replacing Hardwood Floors
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