Your staircase is a crucial component of your home that helps you get from one level to the next. Just because your stairs offer functionality does not mean that they can’t also be aesthetic. Brighten up this often used portion of your home with some paint or tile. There are a lot of creative designs that can be achieved with stairs and below we offer a few ideas.

painted staircase
If you choose to paint your stairs there are two directions you can take. A lot of times people will paint their stairs a solid color to complement their home decor. They may also paint the risers and treads to create a complimentary look. Another option is to paint designs and patterns onto the stair planks. Use painter’s tape to mark straight lines for your design. Keep in mind that the stairs will need to dry completely before you can walk on them. Be prepared to stay off of your stairs for a couple days after applying paint.

stencil staircase
If you don’t trust your paintbrush skills or your ability to use painter’s tape effectively, try a stencil. There are a variety of stencil patterns to choose from and it should be easy to find one that appeals to you. Stencils are created on heavy plastic and can be reused to repeat the design on each stair. To create a more unique looking staircase, choose two coordinating patters or paint with multiple complementary colors.

tile stairs
Tiling the stair risers is a technique that is often used in Spanish-style homes. Place the same tile design on each riser, or alternate patterns on each stair. Be creative with the pattern of the tile and use a horizontal or vertical layout.

mural staircase
For the artists out there, adding a mural to the stair risers can create a custom and aesthetic look. The mural can encompass multiple segments of the staircase and create the illusion of the painting going up the stairs.

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Install a new staircase and you will be the envy of your friends and neighbors. Want to trade in your dirt collecting carpet stairs for an elegant and easy to clean wood staircase? Metro Atl. Floors believes that hardwood stairs are an excellent addition to any home, but there are some things to be mindful of during the process.
Staircase Finish Ideas
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