If you are a hardwood floor installer then you know exactly how difficult and time-consuming it can be to work around the complicated edges, corners, and areas of a room.

So if you seek to overcome your hectic schedule, then you have the latest and most advanced tool of the year – the STilco Precision Tool – at your disposal. It will act as your life-saving, helping-hand that will not only ease up your workload but also save you significant time. Vouch for the revolutionary STilco Precision Tool and make the complex job of precise floor installation easy like a cakewalk.

This incredible new tool is specially designed to ensure installers gain absolute precision for contour tracing on hardwood floors around areas including brick fireplace, brick or curved wall, and rounded first stairs.

Developed by a home renovation expert with over 30 years of experience, this device will help to gain the ultimate precision in an effortless manner to expedite your project.

How the STilco Precision Tool can be YOUR Time-Saver?

Floor installers unanimously proclaim this tool as the best device to cut down the extra work time. Want to know how this tool can actually help to make your work faster yet more precise? Read through its special perks right here:

  • You can use it around sharp angles and tracing the curves along round shaped columns.
  • This tool will help you to get the best outcome while scribing around stone or brick.
  • It will make the process of working around the curved nosing much easier and precise.
  • STilco Precision Tool will give accurate tracing measurements just at one go thus reducing your work time.
  • With its help you needn’t give extra effort for gaining flawlessness in installation work.

In short, if you have the STilco Precision Tool by your side you will not only get the desired finesse and perfection in your installation work at just one go but you can also finish your work a few hours or even days early.

How to Use the STilco Precision Tool?

Are you worried and wondering how to operate and execute the tool with perfection in your projects? You needn’t as you can check out the easy video tutorials and live demonstrations of the tool on the company’s YouTube channel. You will not find any difficulties in understanding the working procedures of the tool because these videos are quite illustrative and easy to understand. You can watch some short video’s on our YouTube Channel.  

Where Should You Buy the Tool from?

Want to know from where you can buy the STilco Precision Tool? Well, you can buy this tool both from the online and offline stores. If you want to buy it from physical store then visit the Toronto and Mississauga stores where you can personally test it before purchasing. And for ordering it online. The product will be shipped out to your given address within a very short period of 1-3 business days through regular Canada Post. There is great news for all the buyers from USA! The STilco Precision Tool is priced in the Canadian dollar making it a great bargain for all American buyers.

So, opt for this latest tool of floor installation and get rid of your busy schedule in the coming days. For more information and queries get in touch with the experts via their website or email.  

STilco Precision Tool – Your Helping Hand for Conducting Precise Hardwood Floor Installation