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Flooring is the most used surface within our homes, it carries the burden of our daily activities and is in constant contact with our feet and other hard objects. Metro Atl. Floors specializes in installing custom natural-stone and tile flooring in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. We understand that your remodel or build isn’t complete without an eye-catching floor design and we’re here to help make your design a reality. There are quite a number of stone / tile floor options that you can choose based on personal taste and budget. Metro Atl. Floors installs: tile, natural stone, marble, ceramic, porcelain, travertine, slate, marble and more.

Tile & Natural Stone Information

Tile and natural store floors are an easy way to add significant value to your home. Limestone floor tiles are very durable, can be maintained easily, and come in many design variations making it easier to find a pattern that’s suited for your design. Another rising trend in the Atlanta flooring market is the use of marble tiles in flooring designs. Marble tiles are also available in multiple colors and can drastically change the look and feel of a room with a minimal cost.

Travertine Floors

Travertine floors are elegant, luxurious and very safe. They offer more traction than other options such as ceramic or porcelain and are highly sought after in the greater Atlanta, Ga. area. When cared for properly travertine flooring can last for years, but they must be maintained, as travertine is made from a porous rock that can be stained by certain liquids and/or foods.

Ceramic Tile Information

When people think of ceramic tiles, they often think of the old, cold tile floors from when they were young. Not anymore! Ceramic tiles have undergone numerous advancements and are now quite affordable and popular.

Ceramic tile floor benefits:

  • Ceramic tiles look aesthetically pleasing and can be mixed with any decor and style.
  • Ceramic floor tiles are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Ceramic tiles are strong and durable because they are baked at high temperatures.
  • Ceramic tiles are ideal for harsh environments and can not easily scratch kitchen (including pets).
  • Ceramic tiles are versatile and come in different shapes, colors, patterns and textures to create a desired decor or to complement existing one.
  • Ceramic tiles can come in various designs that can be made to look like expensive marble or travertine floors, giving your home a touch of class to a much lower cost.
  • Ceramic tiles can be polished to a non-porous surface that does not leave room for bacteria and allergens to collect. This makes the surface hygienic, especially for children.

Porcelain Tile Information

Porcelain tile flooring is very similar to ceramic flooring but  it’s often harder and smoother than it’s ceramic counterpart. Poreclain tiles can also be finished to achieve a sheen and /or smoothness that is unlike any other tile product.

  • Porcelain tile is both harder and denser than many other ceramic tile products
  • Porcelain tile is frost-resistant, and often frost-proof
  • Porcelain tile is highly resistant to stain, scratch, and moisture
  • Porcelain tile is a hard wearing material which is resistant to harsher cleaning agents, scratches, stains, fading, heavy loads and fire.
  • Porcelain tile flooring has low water absorption. Therefore, less staining occurs on these floors and they are easier to clean.
  • Porcelain tile flooring can be easily maintained. For this reason it is a practical choice for flooring in any room in the house as it needs no polishing, waxing, or sealing, and can be cleaned easily with a damp mop.


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