We are in the full-swing of fall and the winter months are around the corner. This time of year often involves all types of wet weather and produces a significant amount of mud. Mud seems to find its way into the home via guests, pets and children. However, you don’t want your beautiful wood floors to take a beating and get worn from the higher levels of debris being brought into your home. When you are trying to keep your hardwood floors clean during the winter, you should follow the five tips below. The advice shared in this article is mostly preventative measures because when you are dealing with mud and snow from the winter, you need to think ahead before you clean.

A Rug
You need to have a massive rug at the front of your home that is made for wiping shoes and taking them off. You can have every visitor to your home take their shoes off when they visit, and this massive rug is the place where you can keep them. Also, this rug is the place where you can clean off your shoes before you walk in the house.

A Mudroom
When you think ahead, you can use a mudroom to keep all your winter gear. These rooms are usually just off the front room or garage. They typically have vinyl or linoleum floors, and they can take all the mud that is brought into the house. A mudroom keeps the mud out of the body of the house.

Cleaning Before Winter
When you get your floors cleaned just before the winter, they are going to be much more ready to resist dirt and melting snow. You also want to have someone come in halfway through the winter to make sure the floors are clean. If you wait until the end of the winter, your floors will be almost too dirty to clean.

Different Entryway
When you are trying to keep all your hardwood floors clean, you may want to use a different entryway for the house. You can ask people to enter the home in a different way to make sure that they do not go over the hardwood floors. When you avoid the hardwood floors altogether, you will not have a problem with people tracking dirt on them.

Floor Wax
If you want to forgo a cleaning before the winter starts, you should think of waxing the floor. You can use floor wax to make the floor shine, but you can sweep away the debris on the floor during the winter. The floor wax is going to make the house look better while it also helps you clean up the floors quickly. Think of it as a protective layer between the mud and your wood.

When you want to keep your hardwood floors clean, you need to be sure that you have thought carefully about each step above. These steps are going to help you keep your floors clean with as little work as possible. You will not waste time watching your floors get dirty in the winter, and you can make sure that those floors are clean and looking their best whenever people visit your home.

Tips For Keeping Wood Floors Clean During The Mud Season
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