We’re right in the thick of things for the 2016 NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament. Because all of these exciting games are played on beautiful hardwood basketball courts, we thought it would be fitting to share the Top 10 hardwood floors in college basketball. In the past, we’ve done write ups on eye-catching designs in both the NCAA and NBA, and today we’re doing a follow up on those previous segments.

The selected hardwood floors were chosen for a variety of reasons including, classic looks, unique designs, and complex layouts. Nothing in particular, but mostly because they look cool.

And with that, in no particular order, here’s our list…

Top 10 NCAA Hardwood Basketball Courts:

Colorado State

colorado state


The ram horns give this court a really cool look. While the design may be busy and distract from the court lines, this hardwood classic made our list because of the unique way it incorporates the university’s mascot.




If you’ve ever been to Memphis you’ll definitely recall their iconic bridge. We’re being fans of the way this court includes the city’s skyline and bridge silhouette.




Two toned courts are definitely a big favorite of ours (you’ll see more to come) and we really love how Baylor’s hardwood basketball court utilizes these two eye-catching wood colors.

Long Beach State

long beach


California’s cool breezes and chill vibes are the theme of this unique floor design. The palm tree silhouette makes this hardwood basketball court one of the best designs in the NCAA.


oregon court


Oregon is top of the game when it comes to uniforms and they bring that high level of design to the hardwood as well. The forest of trees surrounding the court is a sight to be seen. While the trees might be a tad bit distracting, there’s no denying this is on of the top hardwood basketball court designs around.

North Carolina

north carolina


Maybe the most classic looking hardwood basketball court in the NCAA, North Carolina boasts one of the nations best looking floors. This floor looks so good, they’ll probably keep this design for the next 100 years.




Purple floors have never looked this good and we understand if you’re now tempted to sand and refinish your floors with a purple stain after seeing this beauty from Northwestern.

Michigan State

michigan state

Michigan State’s hardwood basketball court definitely falls into the classic category. The timeless spartan logo couple with the light floor stain makes this floor one of the all time bests in college basketball.

Notre Dame

notre dame


Here’s another university that includes two colors of wood in their hardwood court. Our favorite aspect of this wood floor is the clover that surrounds the “ND.”

Texas A&M

texas am

Everybody loves parquet floors, right? While many consider this floor to be a little “too much” and busy for their tastes, we commend Texas A&M for putting together such and unique and beautiful hardwood floor.

Good luck with your March Madness brackets! We’re looking forward to an awesome slate of games this weekend.

Top 10 NCAA Hardwood Basketball Courts – March Maddness
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