Maintain the beautiful elegance of your hardwood floors with these impeccable green wood floor cleaning products. These floor cleaners are our top recommendations when customers ask about the best performing environmentally friendly hardwood cleaners.

Have some scuffs, dings, or scratches and looking for a remedy? There’s a plethora of options out there and you’ll want to make an eco-friendly choice because it’s beneficial for both your floors and the environment. Manufacturers are wise and the majority of them carry green wood floor cleaning products. After completing jobs, we’re often asked for recommendations on floor cleaning products. We’ve identified the top choices on our list:


simple green
Simple Green

Keep your floors looking clean and new with this stellar hardwood cleaning option. Simple Green® Naturals Floor Care can be used on all types of flooring including laminate, porcelain tile, slate, finished wood, linoleum and more. Made from 100% naturally-derived ingredients, this convenient spray makes for quick clean-ups and won’t require any mopping.

“Simple green glass cleaner is by far the best cleaner i have used in a long time.”
– Online Reviewer

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bona cleaner

At Metro Atl. Floors we are pretty much a fan of everything from Bona. We use a wide array of their products on our refinish jobs and it’s no surprise that we also recommend their hardwood cleaners. Bona’s cleaners include an environmentally responsible and non-toxic formula that’s effective for all types of residential wood flooring.

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method cleaner

This highly effective, almond scented wood floor cleaner is a definitely favorite of ours. Hands down the best smelling option available for our tastes. Method’s Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner can be used on sealed hardwood flooring as well as with laminates. Simply squirt the cleaner onto your floors and then mop for a beautiful glow.

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Who wouldn’t love that cute little seal on the bottle? Aside from the adorableness of their packaging, ATTITUDE’s Floor Surfaces Tiles & Wood Eco-Cleaner does a wonderful job of restoring the shine of your hardwood floors.

“I love using the Floor Surfaces cleaner. Not only is it super effective on both my tiles and hardwood floors, but I don’t worry about chemical residue when my kittens lick their paws or children play on the floor with their toys.”
– Andrea, Customer Review

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These products can be founds at your local home improvement store or by visiting the links provided above. In addition to these fantastic wood floor cleaners, there are also homemade solutions that can be made from common items found in your home. Your hardwood floors are a crucial and captivating component of your property and it’s important that you use high quality and eco friendly products to care for it.

Keep Your Floors Looking Great: Top Green Wood Floor Cleaning Products
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