Floors can make a world of difference to the décor of your home’s interior. No matter how expensive and classy furniture you have stuffed your living or bedroom with, everything would look dull if you don’t have a nicely polished and well-maintained hardwood floor. Talking about the perfect finishing of the hardwood floorings,
Pallmann’s Magic Oil 2K is the best option to get the desired classy yet low-sheen look to conduct the daily activities with ease. This high-quality wood floor finish is said to give amazing results and is preferred by all the users.

What is Pallmann’s Magic Oil 2K?

This is a special wooden floor finishing made up of all natural oils for offering a velvety sheen to your hardwood floor. If you want a warm matte look for your wood floor then this is just the ideal option. Being made up of natural oils this floor finish penetrates deeply into the wood floor leaving behind an evenly finished floor surface. The low-shine texture and look that it offers is perfect for conducting daily activities easily and comfortable which otherwise becomes difficult with extra smooth and shiny floor finishes.

Why is It the Best Wood Floor Finish?

With Pallmann’s Magic Oil 2K you can unleash your creativity and give your home the perfect look according to your personality and lifestyle requirements. The product comes in 7 base colors which you can blend and create plenty of unique color combinations for enhancing the beauty of your floors. Apart from creating your own selection by applying the oil over waterborne stains or dried solvents, you can also choose from the 27 most popular color combinations available. Be it custom-blends or two-toned colors or two-toned blends you can create endless selections using the base colors of Magic Oil 2K.  In short, by opting for this special wood floor finish you can give the exact texture and look to your floors that you have in mind.

How Long does the Magic Oil Finish Last?

The finish of this oil lasts for several years to come and you can continue with the regular activities on your wooden floor without any worry of spoiling the sheen. After quite a few years of the first application you need to apply a new coating of the product to restore its shine and preventing it from wearing down to bare wooden surface. The reapplication process is quite easy and inexpensive and gets completed within few hours. To maintain the evenness and sheen of the finish clean the floors with Pallmann Hardwood Floor cleaner and Pallmann Microfiber Cleaning Pad once in a week.

Now, without waiting any more bring home the Pallmann’s Magic Oil 2K and give your floors a new refreshing and rejuvenating look like never before. After all, your home reflects your taste and persona. So, manifest your personality through the beauty and texture of your floors and let it flow all through the home!

Use Pallmann’s Magic Oil 2K on Your Wood Floors for That Classy yet Matte Finish