Moisture meters do exactly what their name implies: they measure the amount of moisture in an area. This is crucial for homes that have hardwood flooring because there is much more to having hardwood flooring than simply installing it in your home. It is also necessary for you to maintain your hardwood flooring, and part of successfully maintaining it is understanding how your hardwood flooring interacts with the moisture in your home.

The foundation of every wood flooring project that you undertake should be in accurately understanding how the moisture in your space is going to interact with the wood. Inaccurate measurements can lead to your wood floor cracking, splitting or warping. They can also lead to a failure in the adhesive that you use – an example can be found here. At Metro Atl. Floors, we only trust our moisture measurements to Wagner Meters. Wagner Meters is a trusted and reputable brand in moisture meters, and that’s why we always ensure that we use the best of the best in our woodworking projects. In fact, the only meter that we employ in our projects is the Wagner MMC220 Extended Range Moisture Meter.
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Since we are based in Atlanta, we frequently work in hot, humid conditions. During the summer months especially, Atlanta can be subject to much humidity. Making sure that we calculate accurate moisture  measurements is essential for ensuring that we provide our clients with quality work.  There is nothing worse than installing a hardwood floor only to have it crack, split or warp later on because the appropriate moisture measurements were not taken into consideration.

Here at Metro Atl. Floors, we want to provide our clients with quality craftsmanship, and that’s why we only trust our measurements to the Wagner MMC220 Extended Range Moisture Meter. Metro has found this particular meter to be extremely versatile and suitable for measuring all of the species and densities of wood we work with. Metro’s client projects require a wide range of wood species, ranging from the more commonly used species all the way to rare tropical types , and with the Wagner MMC220 we are able to get accurate measurements using one meter.

Part of what we love about the Wagner MMC220 Extended Range Moisture Meter is that it has user-programmable species settings. The meter is easy to use as well as easy to adjust. It utilizes IntelliSense™ technology that ensures that the meter measures deeply within the wood to obtain a true moisture picture without damaging the wood in any way. Additionally, this meter doesn’t require us to make adjustments based on temperature to the moisture content readings. The “press and hold” feature of the meter makes it easier than ever to obtain a moisture reading without  needing to have a visual line of sight to the display of the meter.

In addition to the meter’s intuitive operation, it is rather light and can even be operated using a single hand. This facet can be essential for wood professionals who often have a clipboard, flooring samples, and other things occupying their hands. Another aspect that wood flooring pros can appreciate is the small and compact design, which  makes it easier to get into tight spaces and confined corners. To top it all off, you can expect to get years of quality use from the product as it comes with an industry-leading  7-year warranty. Whether you are a wood flooring professional looking for a versatile meter or a DIY handyman needing to read moisture levels for home projects, the Wagner MMC220 will not disappoint you and comes recommended by Metro Atl. Floors.

Wagner Moisture Meter Review
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