wood floor sheen
The finish sheen in wooden floors determines how glossy the floor finish will be. Different sheens are excellent for either site finished or factory finished wood. People have different kinds of preferences and would choose the sheen depending on maintenance, look and the setting of their space.

high gloss flooring
Glossy Sheen

It has about 70 percent luster thus reflecting a lot of light and is shinier than the rest. It has an elegant appearance and is popular in commercial settings. It shows every spec of dust, dent and any imperfection on the floor. Wear and tear is noticeable and hiding or repairing it is difficult. It requires frequent cleaning and sanding.

semi gloss wood floors
Semi-gloss Sheen

It has about 55 percent luster, reflects some light and is somehow shiny. Hiding normal wear and tear can be easy though it requires frequent cleaning. Human footprints or pets traffic in the house cannot be seen easily.

matte finish
Matte Sheen

It reflects the minimal light and has about 25 percent luster. It is not popular as it is considered dull. This kind of sheen is the easiest to maintain and tends to keep the natural and look and texture of the floor. It is recommended for places experiencing weather conditions that may bring moisture and dirt into the house.

satin sheen
Satin Sheen

It is most popular compared to all others because of its classical feel. It is highly recommended as it is used with all shades of hardwood. It has about 40 percent luster making it not too glossy or dull. The floor looks newer for longer and is suitable for site finished floors. It is easy to attend and to maintain.

Easy and proper maintenance keeps the floor newer for longer delaying refinishing and restoring process. Prefinished woods do not require often refinishing as a site finished floor. Refinishing is an alternative to floor replacement.

Which Wood Finish Sheen is Best For Me?
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