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Wide planked engineered wood floors are one of the more popular requests among Metro’s customer base and one of the best options on the market is the Mount Castle collection from Mullican Flooring. We are experiencing a modern trend towards wider planks and this top quality collection features wider widths with a variety of breathtaking textures and colors.

Collection Details
The Mount Castle collection from Mullican Flooring could be referred to as its wide plank collection of engineered floors. All 12 products are over 7 inches in width, varying in width between 7.44″-9.45″.

All contain a wear, or finish layer of either oak or walnut, and are prefinished in a large variety of hues, from the lighter Ivory to the darker Oak Truffle. The products in the collection contain a wire brush look and texture to provide a bit of distress to the planks.

Many are beginning to appreciate the look of wide planks floors, to capture the look of older cabins or chalets. Others merely seek a different look from the more traditional narrow plank. Wider planks have also been said to make the room appear larger.

mount castle oak seashell

Wide Plank Engineered Wood Flooring
For those unfamiliar with engineered hardwood flooring, the substrate of the wood is composed of layers of wood products pressed together and secured with a special resin. The wood grain layers of the substrate alternate the grain for each layer.

As a natural product, all hardwoods contract and expand with changes in temperature and humidity. Crossing the wood grains on the layers creates a more stable wood product and minimizes this effect. Controlling the expansion and shrinkage is especially important in wide plank flooring, where it is more noticeable. In addition, the product can be used in a wider variety of areas where hardwood is discouraged, such as below grade floors and in high moisture areas.

Mount Castle collection floors are manufactured with 10 ply or layers, including the finish layer of hardwood. All hardwood used is slow growth Appalachian hardwood. Slower growth wood has a smaller ring pattern and thus, a tighter grain and higher density than other woods.

mount castle oak truffle

The Advantages of Prefinished, Engineered Wood
All products in the Mount Castle Collection come prefinished at the factory. Applying the finish at the manufacturing facility allows it to be applied under optimal conditions. Special techniques used to apply the finish that cannot be duplicated onsite.

A pre-applied finish is longer lasting than a finish applied onsite. In fact, the finishes of the Mount Castle collection come with a 25 year finish warranty. There are few site applied finishes that last 25 years.

Another advantage is lower installation costs. There is no need to sand the product, saving both costs and a great deal of sanding dust. Sealing, application of finish, drying, and curing were all performed before the product left the factory. The installer simply secures the flooring to the subfloor.

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More about Mullican Flooring
Mullican Flooring has been manufacturing hardwood floors and engineered flooring since the mid 1980’s. Located in the Appalachian Mountains and headquartered in Johnson City, TN, Mullican is a steward for old growth hardwood forests. Each piece of hardwood used by Mullican must meet its Chain-of-Custody certification to demonstrate that the wood was properly harvested. Mullican is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).

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Wider Widths are Trending in 2016 – Mount Castle Collection from Mullican Flooring